When you purchase your Kingsgate Village home, you will be pleased to know that you will have a long and secure asset. The land where your home is situated is covered by a long-term, 99-year lease.

You can sell your home and land lease to a new owner at any time (as long as they meet the criteria) at which stage the 99- year lease commences again.

Weekly contribution

Your weekly fee gives you the right to occupy the space where your home is situated – and covers council rates, water rates, all external maintenance and use of all facilities and services provided at the Village, such as the community centre, swimming pool and lawn bowls.

Deferred management fees

The Deferred Management Fee (DMF) is a fee payable only when you sell your home, and is deducted from the sale price at settlement.

In order to keep Kingsgate Village a ‘first-class’ facility that everyone can be proud of, we need to ensure that the Village is run and maintained at an outstanding level.

Remember there are no more fees payable – apart from your own water, gas, telephone and electrical usage, and your weekly fee.